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Brochures and Sell Sheets


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We love brochures and sell sheets because they are the most asked for pieces by customers of manufacturers and stores. They get results and bring customers to you via mailing, trade shows and requests.  


Most brochures are single sheets - 8.5 x 11 or 4 page 11  x  17 pieces.  Get more space with a 6 pager - 11 by 25 1/4.

Make it a single product offering with an 8 page or 12 page saddle stitched piece.  Or you can show your full product line with a 20 or 30 page piece with a fold out page or you can have a perforated page to be torn out of the catalog and mailed back to you.  We can also stitch an order form and envelope into the piece.

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Everybody needs posters to advertise events, to warn of safety hazards or just plain show off your products in stores. The size and quantity will determine how it prints.

Using a variety of paper or vinyl stocks from 8.5 x 11 to 11 x 17 to 20 x 26 to 26 x 40 or printing from a roll of stock 60 inches or more wide to a roll length of 100 feet.  They can then be encapsulated (laminated) with gloss or matte film laminates on both sides. Posters can also be mounted to the softer foam core backers or more rigid foamcore gator board in many thicknesses. Backer boards are supplied in several colors with white or black being readily available.

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Direct Mail Products


Like you, we get hundreds of emails every day and while the cost is cheap, the real cost is thinking the email is being read when it really gets junked by the ISP or the recipients’ spam filter.  Did you know many people give out a spam email address guaranteeing they will not see your offering?


So, let’s solve the problem with attention getting mailers going to valid addresses.  Pieces that will get opened and read.  Pieces that will become your sales in future months.


The US Post Office has been fighting back to regain revenues lost to others and they now offer unique products to businesses wanting to send pieces to prospects without the high postal cost.  This is why we can take the postal discounts, verify your list has valid addresses, address the piece and mail it usually at an overall lower cost than you can do it yourself.

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Many know the Post Office offers Every Door Direct Mail but not everybody uses it or takes the time to follow through with it.  Simply put, you mail to every address whether to a business or to a residential address in an area, skip the formal addressing and get a huge reduction in postal costs.  This is a great way for realtors to blanket an apartment complex to find who is ready to move or to an area of likely prospects considering a move because they are getting older.


Lists today can be purchased that identify the homeowner’s age, their income, the number of years they have been in the home, an estimate of wealth and so on to target the segment you want to reach.  We had a customer who noticed many of his actual customers were Italian.  So, we constructed a mailing list of likely Italian families with likely Italian last names and it became his unique way of finding people he could help.


So, use direct mail as it gets into the homes and businesses you want to see your message!  Then use email blasts to follow up.  It works every time because ultimately the goal is to have people recognize you, your product and your company versus never having heard of you.

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Pocket Folders


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There is no better way to impress a prospect than with a carefully prepared pocket-folder containing a personalized letter, a sell sheet or brochure.  Include your sales proposal if appropriate. Sales people use them and companies mail them to prospects and customers with great results when followed up with phone calls.

Your pocket-folder can be similar to a 4 pager with a 4 inch pocket on the left side, the right side, running along the right vertical side or it can be like a 6 pager with a 4 inch pocket in the bottom middle.  Capacity pocket folders can be like a 4 pager and have a 1/4 inch spine and two 1/8 inch pockets to hold larger amounts of materials.

Labels and Stickers



We offer a wide variety of labels and stickers to apply as product labels to call attention to a product or to mark company property.  Labels can be printed on a flat sheet or on a roll depending on customer preference and use.


You may need some mockup labels to use for selling to the likes of Amazon or Costco or Whole Foods. We can help!

Your copacker (as in companies that process and bottle foods) may want you to supply labels on a roll and we will assist in asking the relevant questions and making it easy to become a success.

Other Items


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Everybody needs posters, banners and yard signs to advertise events and open houses, to warn of safety hazards or to show off their products in stores.  The size and quantity will determine whether it prints offset, digital or wide format.




Posters are made using a variety of paper or vinyl stocks from 8.5 x 11, to 12.5 x 17, to 20 x 26, to 26 x 40 or printing from a roll of stock up to 60 inches wide to a roll’s  length of 100 feet.  The posters can then be encapsulated with gloss or matte film laminates on both sides.  Posters can also be mounted to the softer Foamcore backers or more rigid Gatorboard with many thicknesses.  Backer boards are supplied in many colors with white or black being readily available.


Banners are again printed on paper or vinyl stocks from a roll up to 60 inches wide and up to 100 feet long. They can have grommets affixed to tie them in place along with semi-circle cuts outs to allow wind to blow through them.


Yard signs are used for open houses, recruitment events and special sales.  They are ususlly printed on two sides of a corrugated plastic sheet and come with an H shaped wire frame to insert into the sign and into the ground.  Sizes are usually 18 inches high and 24 inches wide.



Business cards--  The standard size of 2 x 3.5 or larger,  printing on a wide variety of stocks from 100# cover to “super thick”  180# cover stock with a color (such as a logo color) in the middle.

Office Stationary—letterheads, envelopes with one to four color process printing.

Custom Logo Art—We can print your graphics and then mount them to multiple thicknesses of foamcore which can then be laser cut to follow the logo size.

Table Tent Cards—generally tri folded pieces that stand up on a table—such as menu specials at restaurants. Best to film laminate them so they do not get stained.  The interlock of tabs on the bottom can be diecut slits or by using two-sided tape.

Accordian folded pieces---We can print your product offering on a piece that can be folded to business card size.  Each business card panel can focus on a course offering or piece of information you want to highlight.  You can have up to 16 panels---best way to think about this is to think of pharmaceutical product inserts.

Gate Folded pieces—where the left side and the right side fold in to touch in the middle often splitting an image.  The inside can then feature a photo spanning the entire left, middle and right panels.  Ideal for travel firms wishing to use panorama photos crossing the entire piece.


Personalized letters and envelopes----You supply a data base coded for the message you want dropped into the letter.  We can also use a code to print a suggested donor amount which will vary by the amount the donor contributed the prior year.  Letters that are personalized always get more attention than ones addressed to Dear Friend or worse- OCCUPANT

Flexible magnets---also known as refrigerator magnets, they can have your copy, pictures and calendar printed and then affixed to magnetic sheets.  You can then hand them out or we can affix them to your mailer. You can print the same image on the magnet as you print on the mailer and have it affixed in position on the paper mailer.

Trade show graphic panels and hardware.  We print the graphics, secure the hardware and deliver to you. Just tell us the size of your booth and whether you want the full length or just a tabletop display.  Hardware will come with a multi-year performance warranty.


3D printing—Sort of a new product which uses highly pigmented inks to build up a base with the final color from 4 color process laid on top of the base.  Still experimental and somewhat costly but feel free to discuss. Subjects could be mountain or beach scenery.

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